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    Latest Lab News and Updates from Lab Members 

    It's been a looooong time (each "o" stands for a year, literally). The VAYU Project (THEVAYUPROJECT@facebook), a team of HKU students of ME, CE, and EE, sponsored by the BCL and supervised by Dr Wang, has finally got it. The TEAM-2020 (Tim, Ibnul, Zhong, Leo, etc etc etc) has finished the...
    Fully funded Postdoctoral Fellow position is opening for application at the Bionics and Control Lab of HKU.   The post is receiving candidates with PhD degree (already issued) from Mechanical/Electrical/Mathematics/Computer Science background, preferrably with previous experience in Soft Robotics...
    December 4, 2018
    Yes, we are fully aware that new sem has started long ago. Simply too busy to update.   Now, officially, WELCOME TO ALL NEW MEMBERS!   ***Special Congats to Jing for her new adventure as PhD student @BCL***   @Core members: - Diana ZHONG Hua, on underwater robots - Grace GUO Yaoxin, on soro arms ...
  • Vision & Interests

    Robots serve people. We are profoundly interested in bio-inspired soft and compliant robots in a variety of scenarios

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    Elastomeric or origamic structured, pneumatic or hydraulic actuated, inherently compliant robots

    - Inspired by soft organisms in nature: a new approach to motion generation

    - Inherently compliant, with minimal impact force, enabling safe interaction 

    - Ideally suitable for object-handling, human-interaction and nature-exploration

    - On land, in water, even inside the human body 

    - Easily creats new motion forms otherwise not possible

    - With careful design, performance on par with rigid robots

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    Replacing human divers in oceanic exploration

    - Explore new/bio-inspired underwater propulsion methods

    - Underwater robotic platform design and control

    - Benthic specimen sampling using soft robotic manipulators

    - Surveying and preservation of coral-ecosystems

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    Improving healthcare service through robotic research

    - Surgical robotic platforms and control algorithms

    - Dental robots and automatic treatment stations

    - Surgeon/dentist console + sensory feedback

    - Rehabilitation devices for hand and upper limb

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    Teaching robots to behave and assist human beings

    - Safe and compliant robot behavior

    - Close-proximity human-robot interaction

    - Design and fabrication of soft robotic manipulators and grippers

    - Compliance-based control and behavioral shaping of task-capable soft robots

  • Research Projects

    Ongoing and completed research projects

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    Underwater Soft Manipulation for Coral Ecosystem Preservation

    In collaboration with Coral Biochemistry Lab @HKU and State Key Lab in Marine Pollution @CityU

    - Soft manipulator and gripper for atraumatic underwater sampling

    - Robotic platform for underwater locomotion and stabilization

    - Surveying and mapping of corals and Hong Kong coral ecosystem

    - In-situ monitoring, recording, and sampling of marine species

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    Fast Robot Fish with Caudal Fin Propulsion

    Guinness World-record Attempt 2015 - 2020

    - Single-motor caudal fin propulsion

    - Fast linear speed underwater

    - Self-contained with battery and electronics

    - Wireless control

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    Close-proximity Human-Robot Collaborative Manufacturing

    In collaboration with MIT, CS@HKU, IMSE@HKU, CityU, Lenovo, and Delta Elec. 

    - Safe and efficient soft manipulator design

    - Compliant human-robot interaction

    - Control and behavior shaping using soft manipulator

    - Multi-object grasping with soft robotic grippers

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    Strong and Lightweight Multi-joint Soft-robotic Gripper

    Champion of 3rd Soft Robotic Design and Gripping Challenge 2017

    - Compliant soft joint design

    - Hybrid structure for improved stability and rigidity

    - Pneumatic drive with control electronics

    - 5 kg payload at <0.5 kg self-weight

    - 3D-printed and lab-assembled

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    Soft-robotic Manipulator

    4- to 6- DOF robotic manipulator powered by soft actuators

    - Compliant motion + impact safety

    - Hybrid structure for improved stability and rigidity

    - Pneumatic drive with control electronics

    - Dexterity for manipulation tasks

    - 3D-printed and lab-assembled

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    Soft-robotic Glove

    Powered by soft actuators for rehab. and assistance

    - 3D-printed wearable hand piece

    - Soft actuator for compliance and adaptation

    - Pneumatic control

    - Flow-regulating valves for smooth motion

    - Control and electronics

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    Surgical Robot

    7-DOF dexterous robotic manipulator for laparoscopic procedures

    - Large workspace, high dexterity

    - Antagonistic design with advanced control

    - Small diameter for incision convenience

    - Surgeon's console for easy operation

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    Dental Robot

    In collaboration with Faculty of Dentistry @HKU

    - Control of filling material and solidification procedure

    - Automatic dental filling and curing

    - Manipulator design for dental surgery

    - Automatic scanning and tele-manipulation through surgeon's console

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    Soft Actuators

    Design and exploration of high-performance soft actuators

    - High efficiency

    - Linear force output

    - Large output with low self-weight

    - Compliance and adaptability

    - Pneumatic or hydraulic control

  • Publications

    Selected publications and patents (Full Publication List by Google Scholar)

    Journal Articles

    1. Yi, J., Chen, X., Song, C., Zhou, J., Liu, Y., Liu, S., & Wang, Z. (2018). Customizable Three-Dimensional-Printed Origami Soft Robotic Joint With Effective Behavior Shaping for Safe Interactions. IEEE Transactions on Robotics,  DOI: 10.1109/TRO.2018.2871440
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    Conference Proceedings

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    Books and Book Chapters

    1. Wang, Z., Liu, S., Peng, J. and Chen, M.Z., 2018. The Next-Generation Surgical Robots. In Surgical Robotics. InTech.


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    2. Zhou, J., Wang, Z. (2017) “A Soft Robotic Gripper with Enhanced Gripping Forces”, the University of Hong Kong, US Patent, Provisional filing December 2017
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  • Core Team Members

    PI (Dr Zheng Wang), Current Research Students, and Full-time Staff

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    Lab Director and PI

    Assistant Professor

    Dept. Mechanical Engineering, HKU


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    Postdoc Fellow

    Robotic Glove and Rehab.

    Co-supervised w. Dr Y. Hu, Dept O&T HKU

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    Postdoc Fellow

    Robotic Control and Manipulation

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    RPG Student

    Underwater Robots

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    RPG Student

    Underwater Robots

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    RPG Student

    Robotic Manipulation and Control

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    RPG Student

    Dental Robots and Robotic Manipulators

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    PhD Student

    Underwater Robots and Control

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    Research Assistant

    Underwater Robots and Control

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    Research Assistant

    Underwater Robots and Control

    Research Assistant

    Underwater Robots and Control

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    Sidhant GUPTA

    Student Intern

    Underwater Robot

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    Xiaodong LI (Neo)

    PhD Student (Med)

    Sensing Glove and Rehabilitation

    (Jointly with Dr Y. Hu)

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    ZHU Zhi

    MSc Student

    Robotic Platform for Elderly Care

    (Jointly with Dr C. Wu)

    broken image

    DUANMU Dehao

    MSc Student

    Soft Robotic Arm

    (Jointly with Prof J. Lam)

    broken image

    WANG, Xiaojun

    PhD Student (BioMed)

    Soft Robotic Glove

    (Jointly w. Dr Y. Hu)

    broken image

    ZHU, Fan

    PhD Student (CS)

    Soft Robotic Manipulation

    (Jointly w. Prof. W. Wang)

  • Join BCLab

    We always welcome brilliant, curious, and diligent young minds to join!

    Fully-funded PhD studentship (Positions filled) - 2018/2019 Entry

    • First degree (BSc) in ME/Automation/Control/EEE, excellent academic record
    • Keenly interested in designing, developing, and controlling robots
    • Exceptional hands-on abilities
    • Logical thinking, and resilient spirit
    • English mastery: reading, reasoning, writing

    Research Assistants (Positions filled) - Experience cutting-edge research while being able to support yourself

    • Vacancies are open for 2 Research Assistants in Robotics and Control (local and international)
    • Working on soft robotic manipulator project
    • 1 preferably with ME/Precision Instrument background
    • 1 preferably with EE/Control/CS background
    • Strong hands-on ability + good English for international research group

    MSc/Capstone Student Projects and Interns (Year-round) - Perfect way to engage and get started

    • MSc Project at HKU Mechanical: multiple topics are available (content varies) for MSc student thesis projects, interested students please contact PI
    • Capstone Project: For ME and MedEng final year students, choose your capstone project from the wide range of topics, contact PI for details
    • Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU): ME UG students interested in research could use this course as a starting point
    • Student Intern: Unpaid research position to get involved in research work and gain valuable experience. Engage in one of our exciting projects!

    Visitor and Postdoc - Exchange wisdom for new sparkles

    • Postdoc: positions are available from time to time, subject to funding availability, interested candidates please contact PI for details
    • Visiting scholar: if you have secured your own funding for exchange/short visit, please contact us for further discussion
    • Exchange student: subject to space allocation, we welcome exchange students to join us during the summer/winter period
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