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"Fastest 50 m Swim by a Robotic Fish"

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It's been a looooong time (each "o" stands for a year, literally).

The VAYU Project (THEVAYUPROJECT@facebook), a team of HKU students of ME, CE, and EE, sponsored by the BCL and supervised by Dr Wang, has finally got it.

The TEAM-2020 (Tim, Ibnul, Zhong, Leo, etc etc etc) has finished the CUHK(SZ) 50m long course olympic-size swimming pool in 26.79 seconds. This sets a new world record on robotic fish long course swimming, as recognized by Guinness World Records.

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Compared with human swimming world records, the VAYU fish record sits in between women's backstroke 50m and men's 50m breaststroke, leaving us yet lots of new unknown grounds to cover.

@50m breaststroke for women: 29.40s (Set by Lilly King, USA, on 30 Jul 2017)

@50m backstroke for women: 26.98s (Set by Liu Xiang, CHN, on 21 Aug 2018)

@----The VAYU Fish-----@26.79s (Set by the VAYU Project, on 23 Jan 2020)

@50m breaststroke for men: 25.95s (Set by Adam Peaty, UK, on 25 Jul 2017)

@50m bytterfly for women: 24.43 (Set by Sarah Sjöström, SWD, on 5 Jul 2014)​

@50m backstroke for men: 24s (Set by Kliment Kolesnikov, RUS, on 4 Aug 2018)

@50m freestyle for women: 23.67 (Set by Sarah Sjöström, SWD, on 29 Jul 2017​)

@50m butterfly for men: 22.27s (Set by Andriy Govorov, UKR, on 1 Jul 2018)

@50m freestyle for men: 20.91 (Set by César Cielo, BRZ, on 18 Dex 2009)

Looking back at the five year journey from 2015 to 2020, a lot has happened, and many, many people have contributed to this project. A fraction of the group photos are displayed here, with many, many more that we are yet able to acknowledge.

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Following the endless, ludicrious persistence to the team, we have developed a variety of prototypes, including the fish body, actuation, transmission, and most of all, the tails. A fraction of them (many didnot survive with a valid photo, most unfortunately) here to justify their ever existance, and each every small steady steps they paved the way to the targeted ground.

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I have compiled a video of our journey from 2015 to 2020, as a memoriable experience for most of you, and for the future people dedicating into this area.

Let me know if you did chip in and could not find your name under the end credits of the above video.

So long, look forward to the next adventure to come.