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Welcome New BCLers!

Fresh young minds for the 2018-2019 cohort

Yes, we are fully aware that new sem has started long ago. Simply too busy to update.




***Special Congats to Jing for her new adventure as PhD student @BCL***


@Core members:

- Diana ZHONG Hua, on underwater robots

- Grace GUO Yaoxin, on soro arms

- Ukyoung CHANG, on Biomimetics



- WANG Xiaojun, on soft robotic rehabilitation

- ZHU Fan, on robotic manipulation



- TANG Chencheng and ZHAO Yafei on underwater robots

- LI Yifeng on soro hand

- GU Cong and ZHU Zhi on Elderly care robots

- SUN Jin, FENG Lizheng, and DUANMU Dehao on soro arms



- Terry ZHANG Tianyi, XU Wenyutian, TSANG Ho Yin, and TAO Yufu on dental robots

- Henry Wong and Reza THARIM on underwater robots



- Rachel Ma, Cassandra LIN and Chiyan MOK on educational robots


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